Room 29 are going to camp in WEEK 6 term 3!!!


How could we make camp more sustainable? Think about the following when you brainstorm ideas to make camp more sustainable. There are some things you may need to know and you may need to email the experts! If you need to do this maybe we could send an email as a class so everyone can see the answers! - Mr Hart is a wealth of knowledge

What did we eat at camp during the week/daily? meat/fruit/vegetables.
Where did this food come from?
Could we be more self sufficient?
How long did we shower for?
What heats our hot water? How could we make this cheaper?
Where do we get our water from?
Where do our food scraps go?
Could we keep them at camp and do something with them?

WALT - survive successfully in the bush
S.C - we are able to list the equipment we need to take with us
we can fill out the intentions sheet correctly
we know what hypothermia is and how to treat it
we know what to do when somebody is bleeding, breaks a bone or sprains something.

You and two of your classmates will be embarking on an overnight tramp in the bush in the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park. You will be tramping in summer but conditions in the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park can be extremely unforgiving and the weather unpredictable. In your group of 3 you must plan you tramp under these heading:
WHAT WE WILL PACK (List your personal requirements but also the requirements of your groups which will be split across your group, food for fuel- what types of food should you take? why? have a look on tramping websites for information)
INTENTIONS SHEET (Fill this out)
BASIC FIRST AID KNOWLEDGE WE REQUIRE (What is Hypothermia? How do we treat it? Sprains and Broken Bones, Bleeding)camp1.jpgcamp2.jpg


Use this page to help you create your own camp website.

Check out this website so you have an idea of what we will be doing in class

First you need to click on the following link and create your own website You must choose a design that allows you to have the side bar on display all the time.

Think about what a camp website would look like before you design it!

Your webpage must have the following titles in the side bar:

  • Home page. Title will be your name (first only) Year 7 2011 Ngamuwahine Camp. - You will also put your acrostic poem on here
  • About Ngamuwahine (this will need the following links off it)
  1. History
  2. Location and directions
  3. Camp layout
  • Schedules and groups for camp (this will need the following links off it)
  1. Camp timetable
  2. Activity groups
  3. Cooking groups
  4. Transport groups
  5. Activity group rotations
  6. Duty roster
  • Tramping in the bush (this will need the following links off it)
  1. Best dressed camper
  2. Hypothermia
  3. First aid
  4. Knots
  5. Firelighting
  6. Food for fuel
  7. Tree canopy
  8. Tree identification
  • Sustainability at camp

Healthy Eating At CampWALT - plan a nutritious meal for camp
S.C. - My meal is high in energyMy meal follows the healthy food pyramidI have listed all the ingredients in my mealI can state the nutritional benefits of my meal


WALT - locate places on a map and provide detailed directions from one to the other

S.C. - On a map I can locate Ngamuwahine camp, TIS, Fraser Cove, State Highway 29, Ngamuwahine Rd
I can give detailed directions on how to get to camp from TIS.

Here are some websites to help you with these tasks