On Average the wax melted in the following order:
1st _ 2nd _ 3rd Last _. We noticed that................happened.

The wax melted fastest with the because the molecules are easer to move than in the other metals and this is what makes the heat travel through the metal. This is called “heat conduction”. Where the molecules are more difficult to move, heat takes more time to move through it.

Conduction occurs when the molecules bump against each other and cause more movement. It is like pushing someone who trips and pushes another person in a crowd and the movement ripples outwards.

We use copper metal in_ because we want heat to _;
we use steel in so that heat doesn’t_.
Brass is used in taps because. Aluminium is used in pots because_. All of these metals do get hot after a while such as_.

Plumbers/engineers/sheet metal workers use because it is easy/hard to transfer heat. This is good/a problem because_.

Cooks prefer because _, however they need to be careful that food may burn.

A welder uses _ to braise metal because it is easy to melt but the welder is made of which gets hot but not too hot.

The wax melted in the following order:
Table 1: Time taken for wax to melt (seconds)

Our Group

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 7

Group 8

Group 9

Group 10


Our Group found that the wax melted in the following order:
1st _ 2nd _ 3rd Last _

The class average:
1st _ 2nd _ 3rd Last _

1. We put small pieces of wax in the hollows on the ends of 4 strips of different metals that were fixed on a round wooden frame.
2. We heated the metal strips.
3. We timed the melting of the wax.
4. We recorded the times in a table.

Monday 4th April