Homework for week 7

Spelling words


How could we make camp more sustainable? Think about the following when you brainstorm ideas to make camp more sustainable. There are some things you may need to know and you may need to email the experts! If you need to do this maybe we could send an email as a class so everyone can see the answers! - Mr Hart is a wealth of knowledge

What did we eat at camp during the week/daily? meat/fruit/vegetables.
Where did this food come from?
Could we be more self sufficient?
How long did we shower for?
What heats our hot water? How could we make this cheaper?
Where do we get our water from?
Where do our food scraps go?
Could we keep them at camp and do something with them?
What pests are around? How could we keep them away?

Your homework for week 5
  • Spelling words
  • Maths competition - see below for details
  • Native plants of the Kaimai Mamaku Ranges

For each of the following native plants below you need to find the corresponding leaf picture, and find out the following information about each and you will need to put it on your website under 'TREE IDENTIFICATION":
  • Maori/pacific name
  • Scientific name
  • Write a brief description of each tree including apprx height, life span, locations and some interesting facts about them
  • Uses - including medicinal/commercial
  • How you can recognise the in the bush - how can you tell it is a tawa tree?

  1. Horoeka
  2. Tawa
  3. Rimu
  4. Mahoe
  5. Rata vine
  6. Mangemange
  7. Mingimingi
  8. Kindney Fern
  9. Miro
  10. Silver fern
  11. Ponga
  12. Tanekaha
  13. Koromiko

Your homework for week 4
•Spelling words as per normal
•Research the history of Ngamuwahine camp. - Write this down as paragraphs as this will end up on your website that you create to inform viewers.
•Maths competition - see below for due date and requirements.