Using examples from your novel and with evidence and explanations please complete the following:

  1. Describe one character what they were like (looks,personality etc) at the beginning of the novel and at the end using evidence from your novel.
  2. Describe the changes that have occurred and list the events that caused these changes using evidence from your novel
  3. Explain why these changes are significant using evidence from your novel
  4. Describe a relationship that was in the story between two of the characters.
  5. Explain why they are important relationships using evidence from your novel


1. Think about where your novel is set. If you can get a map and highlight the different places that your novel took place. If you don't have somewhere that was on a map you need to draw where your novel was set (bush/beach etc) you will then need to take a photo of this and upload it onto your wiki.
2. You are to draw a scene from your novel and write a short paragraph explaining what the scene is about and where it is. Take a photo and upload this to your wiki. Wingers I want you to focus on the trenches - what did they look like? draw a picture of what you think they looked like.

1. Write your own definition for the following words.

Honour Heroism Glory Victory Defeat Friendship/relationships

2. Then write the dictionary definition for these words.
3. Display your definitions of your words. You can use wordle, magazine pictures, words, symbols, illustrations or collage. (can be done on your laptops or on paper to display around the room)
3. Explain what word you think is the most important to achieve in your life and why.
4. Write down the lessons that you have learnt from reading this novel, explain why you think these lessons are important.