Spelling and vocabulary
  1. You must always write down new words that you have come across and put these in your vocabulary section with their meanings underneath. You should be doing this on a daily basis.
  2. Every time you spell a word incorrectly you must write it down in your spelling area - you must have 15 words a week so you can write words from your vocabulary list as well. You will have a week to learn these words and you will then be tested on them in your literacy programme.
  3. For your 15 words that you are to learn each week you must do the following. Write the definition of the word for half of them, and the other half you are to create a sentence that uses the word correctly.

Week three
Below is a site that will help you with your apostrophes. Take a screen shot of your results and upload it onto your wiki with a reflection.




Week one to two:

You must complete all of the following activity sheets by Friday the 13th, and have them uploaded on your wiki, as we will mark them in class. You will have two blocks to complete all of these over a two week period, they will be your homework if you do not complete them in time.

Belonging apostrophes & contractions - remember you can use your homework on apostrophes to refer back to.