Below are your learning intentions and Success criteria for narrative writing.
LI. Write a narrative and focusing on 1 minute of it only
SC: I will include some of the following in my story•personification•alliteration•metaphors•Similes•descriptive language•orientation/problem/solution•set the scene using my senses•describe my characters•adjectives•covers 1 minute only of the story


To write your own narrative I have attached some worksheets that you will need to put into your own wiki. Don't forget this is the structure of a narrative and helps make it interesting!!

Rimu Book Launch

Rimu it is your job to produce the next best seller! This is not an easy task you will need to collaborate and work systematically when writing this book as a group to produce a product that is of exceptional quality and of a standard that your target audience is willing to purchase.

Not only do you need to write the story but you also need to produce everything a book has e.g. cover, acknowledgements, contents, blurb, recommendations ...

Alongside producing the book Rimu will also be holding a book launch. There are a variety of tasks that need to be completed successfully for this to happen. You will need to put together a campaign including a website promoting the book with book trailer, posters, radio advertisement and newspaper advertisement. Remember to use your prior knowledge and include that persuasive language you learnt in Term 1. The best campaign will be used as our official book launch.

NB: Everything must be completely original. This is a real book, you must not take images from the internet. All illustrations, logos, designs must be made by you. There is no limitation other than your own creativity. You might choose to sketch with charcoal, paintings, design images online, take photographs ... the choice is endless. Please remember to negotiate your plans with me and keep a journal and reflections of your progress.

What Now?

Motivate: Ask yourself, What are my strengths? How can I best contribute to the book or book launch?

Choose a graphic organiser - Make a plan, check it off with Miss Stovold

Locate: Research - Research - Research - Research (e.g. check out posters/billboards, what makes a good poster? what new tips/tricks can I learn?)

Create: Design your campaign or book contribution, evaluate! & make changes.

Helpful Resources

Learn about good website design at

Brain Falkner is a NZ Author, his website promotes his books & includes some excellent examples of book trailers

Radio Network

Poster Design Tips

Tips for designing book covers

Book Trailers

Animal Alliteration

Alliteration is when all the words start with the same sound.

Big bears biting berries

You try some:

Dirty dogs _ in the dirt.

cats cooking carrots.

Five fish

snakes slithering.

Red rabbits _.

_ horses hauling hay.

Purple pandas pictures.

Creepy _ crawling.

Many mice _.

Tired _ talking.

Green gorillas .

whales waiting in the water.

People Alliteration
Alliteration is when all the words start with the same sound.
Many moms making milkshakes

You try some:
Tough teachers
cooks cooking cakes.
Thirty thieves
nurses napping.
Funny farming.
Cheerful children .
_ singers standing.
_ bankers buying bread.
_ girls giggling.
Wet waiters _.
Dozens of dads doing .
Hungry hunters .


Personification does not compare two items in the same way as similes and metaphors compare. Rather, when writers use personification, they give objects (or even ideas) human qualities. These human qualities add a new dimension to the things, a dimension that ordinary description cannot add. "The field of dandelions danced in the breeze," is an example of a sentence which contains personification. Notice that the field of dandelions is the thing being described and that danced is the human quality given to the field. We do not normally associate dandelions with dancing, but we can imagine how dandelions would look "dancing" in the breeze.
Authors use personification to make fiction seem more real and make their writing more livelier.

Copy this table into your own Wiki and below write the object and the human quality.

Thursday 9th June

Definition: Similie are comparisons of two unlike things using the words AS and LIKE
This is our prior knowledge of similies displayed as a wordle document

Definition: Metaphors are comparisons of two unlike things without using signal words such as LIKE and AS
This is our prior knowledge of metaphors displayed as a wordle document


Topic: Identifying Similes
Directions: Complete the simile by filling in the blank.
1. The car was as dirty as a.
2. The candy was like.
3. His hands were as big as.
4. My little brother sounds like a .
5. My room is as messy as .
6. School is like.
7. The chair was as hard as a .
8. Her hair looked like .
9. The monster’s breath was like .
10. The water was as cold as .
11. My lunch tasted like .
12. The rabbit was as soft as .

Metaphors are imaginative ways to describe something by
comparing that thing to something else. For example, if I
wanted to say that Dan is tall, I could say that Dan is a giant.

Use a metaphor to describe somebody who is:

scared easily
He is a giant.
She is an angle

Once you have finished that go to this website and continue